Amazing Car Themed Rooms of V8 Hotel, Germany

Amazing Car Themed Rooms of V8 Hotel, Germany

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Car enthusiasts better brace themselves for this one, because this unique car themed hotel in Stuttgart, Germany, might get your blood pumping. The V8 Hotel(how apropos!) would be a paradise for those looking for inspiration to decorate their rooms with a car theme. Not only did they go all out and cover most of the walls with murals so guests can dream of living in a race car game, but the bed and accessories were made out of real cars! We wonder what kind of people have the audacity to stay in a place like this, but when we learned that it was built near the German International Centre of Automakers it made so much more sense. And if you still don’t quite believe that a car themed hotel exists for grown-ups, take a look for yourself…

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Watch the video: Übernachten im Autobett, V8 Hotel im Meilenwerk Böblingen. Autowelt (August 2022).