Inspiring Interior Designs by PM Studio

Inspiring Interior Designs by PM Studio

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PM Studios mesh quaint and modern elements in their designs to create striking yet welcoming interior spaces. By combining beautiful wooden touches with largely white furniture and walls, PM Studio is, if we may, the Alexander McQueen of interior visualization.

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An interesting play of black and white gives this living area and kitchen space personality.

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A dark brown wooden open kitchen complements the dining room table and is beautifully offset by the all-white living room.

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Another unusual fireplace warms up these living quarters.

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The living area is decorated with soft, comfy, brown furniture and fuzzy rug. A cozy, yet modern fireplace is installed inside the opposite wall.

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A beautiful light wood floor matches the kitchen cabinetry. The cupboards are simple and modern, yet still evoke a sense of the traditional country kitchen. A white island partially separates the kitchen from the dining area.

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A simple white dining table sets a minimalist stage, accompanied by matching chairs on wooden legs. A starburst pendant hangs above the table, its shape reminiscent of a retro sputnik chandelier.

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A clean and simple office space is accessorized with a spacious wooden table and unusual modern chairs. The pops of red in the lamp and chairs give life to the room.

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