Container-like Bach in Coromandel

Container-like Bach in Coromandel

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This unusual holiday home belonging to the Crosson Family, and built by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects, resides in Coromandel, New Zealand; the bach was conceived as a container sitting lightly on the land for habitation or the dream of habitation, with the intention of the final outcome being to reinterpret the New Zealand building tradition - the crafting of wood - the expression of structure, cladding, lining and joinery in a raw and unique way.

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Sustainable, natural timber runs the length of the box-like structure, supported by sturdy struts, which makes the construction appear reminiscent of the rafter dams that were popular in this region at the turn of the last century. The boarded box opens up to reveal a simple interior layout, where the living room is free to soak up the sun and take in the tranquil location, a patch of cleared bush with an ocean view, where it takes on a campsite ambience.

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The bedrooms are separate and enclosed in order to stay cool in the summer, and an open bathroom option, complete with movable bathtub, means that the family can remain close to nature even when bathing; on the opposite end of the scale, the installation of a generous fireplace also allows the place to be transformed into a cozy wintertime getaway.

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