Cool H2 Apartments in Athens

Cool H2 Apartments in Athens

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Situated next to the golf course in Glyfada, in the suburbs of Athens, Greece, this striking property is the H2 Residence, designed by 314 Architecture Studio. The building is split into three single floored fresh apartments, each with a generous floor area of 250m2, three bedrooms and an impressive view of Argosaronic Sea.

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A bright atrium supplies natural light to the secondary areas of each dwelling, whilst also acting as a chimney to give exit to warm air in the hotter months of summer. The homes are based around a bioclimatic design, with the positioning under shade in the south, plus a building and water connection to create a natural cooling system to save on energy consumption.

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Environmentally friendly technologies have been implemented throughout, and all of the materials used in the construction process were carefully and conscientiously selected to maintain a low carbon footprint. Materials used in the interior design of the build are a collection of naturally occurring stock instead of industrial components, and were chosen in colors that were intended to create a harmonic aura.

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A swimming pool surrounds the building, and a small pond on the ground floor promotes tranquility and a feeling of cool calm.

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The Sculptures of Gianni Aspras that decorate the walls of the living rooms add an abstract quirk amongst the luxury and modernity.

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