Apartment For A Young Family

Apartment For A Young Family

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Created for a young family with a small child, this compact apartment features all the basic elements required to live fully and more.  Russian design firm, Design Cafe, set about the project to utilize every inch possible for living space without sacrificing a hip, young aesthetic. It features a large fully equipped modern kitchen, dining and living area in one open space. The kitchen has open shelving instead of heavy cabinetry and the lower cabinet apron is made of 3D plaster panels and protective glass. The sofa coverts into a double bed for guests and sits in front of graphic wallpaper intended to visually expand the space. An enclosed entrance keeps the rooms separate for added privacy. The rest of the apartment houses a master bedroom with office area, a shared bathroom and a childs room which is created  to accommodate a second child in the future.

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This view shows the open living, kitchen dining area. The ceilings in this room are 3 ft higher than the rest of apartment to enlarge it.

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The entrance boasts a mirrored wall on the right to enlarge the space and create a stunning focal point.

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The colors in the child’s bedroom were kept neutral so they could be adaptable to a boy or girl.

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The homeowners decided on one big bathroom with large shower and two sinks on one vanity.

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A full-size office area is situated opposite the bed in the master bedroom.

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The master bedroom is compact yet not restricting. It is decorated in a soft natural palette of greys and neutrals.

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A desk, locker and bookshelf will give an older child plenty of room to do homework, create art and many other activities.

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The children’s room features a small nursery area, bed for older child and play area.

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