Uniquely Intriguing Interior Spaces by Vic Nguyen

Uniquely Intriguing Interior Spaces by Vic Nguyen

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Vietnamese designer Vic Nguyen creates interiors filled with layers upon layers of texture, eclectic elements and opposing design styles resulting in spaces which are highly livable, inviting and always unique. Here we feature a sampling of his living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and multi-use spaces.

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A slender space provides ample room for both a full-size living room and dining room. The light flooding through the large window enlarges the room.

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Ornate architectural elements mix beautifully with eclectic contemporary and modern furnishings for a living room that is both welcoming and comfortable.

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Luxurious marble flooring and walls provide a beautiful canvas for living room filled with global treasures and a myriad of textured furnishings.

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Feminine artwork and delicate modern furnishings fill this girl’s bedroom.

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This globally-inspired living room is filled with textured and richly-hued furnishings. A delicate multi-globe fixture hanging in the room’s center balances the heavier elements of the room.

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A modern bed unit with multiple storage options and a leather topped ottoman contrast nicely with the weathered elements of grey paneled walls.

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The dusky grey of whitewashed paneling, marble floors and soft textured linens lends a beach house feel to this master bedroom.

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Living elements such as the blossoming tree give this living space a courtyard feel.

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A modern bedroom is filled with textural elements including a myriad of metal ones which play nicely off rich wood ones.

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A wavy textured charcoal wall provides an interesting backdrop for this large open space living area decorated with a modern eclectic decor.

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