Contemporary Home Open to Panoramic Views

Contemporary Home Open to Panoramic Views

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This eco-friendly home settled over the weald of Kent has stunning, panoramic views from almost every room. Floor to ceiling windows and doors show a priceless view of the town below and over 3,400 square feet of living space make this home exceptionally grand. The design of the home is monochromatic featuring just white and black with some chrome touches throughout. The only slight splashes of color are in the accent pillows and fresh flowers. The color scheme makes for a lavish design without going over the top with color.The outside of the home is again white with linear architecture. It almost looks like an office building with the flat roof and thin glass paneled windows in the front. The tarmac also provides a large amount of parking space and yet there is also underground parking available. The back of the home is where the luxury is clear with a huge infinity pool and concrete patio connecting a lounge area perfect for having guests. The picturesque views are breathtaking from the outdoor entertaining space.

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The home is filled with high-end luxuries which are also environmentally friendly including heated floors, a central vacuum system, ground source heat pump, rain recycling plant, audio/visual system, programmable lighting and more. Â Again the interior design is very contemporary and slightly flashy with the chrome accents and lamps. The dining area resembles a conference room equipped with a large wall length mirror that deceives the eye and makes the space seem even larger than it really is. This mirror trick is also seen in the bedrooms and bathrooms in the home. The basement space holds a cinema room with a bright red couch, an adjacent bar, and even a raised floor which is ideal for dancing when entertaining guests.

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To see even more of this beautiful home check out this video tour:

Images via Shoot Factory