5 Modern Bedrooms

5 Modern Bedrooms

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From sprawling master bedrooms to cozy one-room apartments, where you sleep at night is an integral part of how you see yourself. Each of these bedrooms offers not only a beautiful, quiet space, but says so much about the people who retreat there each night.

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Serene white walls decorated sparsely with poetic quotes make this modern white bedroom a tribute to writers and readers alike. The small writing desk with creatively hung integrated shelving looks out onto an enviable outdoor reading nook, perfect for wiling away hours or even days.

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This room takes elements from different palettes and styles to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A heavy herringbone duvet contrasts with the birch-colored flooring and dark wood media center. Natural light streams in from a front window while modern bare bulb light fixtures offer nighttime options. The desk chair used is the Panton S.

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Platform beds are taken to the next level with this platform upon a platform. A lack of shelving and superfluous furniture makes it that much easier to drift off into peaceful dreams. Sliding doors open out onto a patio for early morning coffee, should the dreamer ever deign to wake.

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Sometimes less room means more creativity. This one room apartment makes careful use of the allotted space with a platform bedframe featuring built-in storage and an eclectically outfitted kitchenette. A mixture of reclaimed wood patterns manage to bring a whimsical interest without busying up the overall simplicity of the space.

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There is no avoiding the natural inspiration for this green and white bedroom. Different shades of green thread their way through duvet, curtains, walls, and floors. White windows open inward to let in light and breeze but can close tightly and be curtained off for any necessary sleeping in. `

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