A Visual Feast of Sleek Home Design

A Visual Feast of Sleek Home Design

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This gorgeous visual feast, featuring the photography of Brad Thom, is jam packed with gorgeous inspiration for interior living spaces, sleek architectural lines, and poolside patios that most of us can only dream about lounging on.

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This multi-level garden features a sun spot on the upper deck with access to a swimming pool that is screened from the lower lawn with an abundance of climbing plants.

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A metal staircase provides cool contrast against warmer wood tones.

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Clear acrylic kitchen counter stools are an understated choice that allows the eye to take in the whole kitchen scheme without interruption. Shining white worktops teamed with glossy white units create a reflection of light around the space, forming a clean and fresh appearance.

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The vibrancy of the green accent cushions in this clean scheme connects with the lush hues from the garden beyond the patio doors. The rest of the accessories in the room are pure white, keeping the look simple and refined.

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The adjoining dining area can be sectioned off by closing a set of interior bi-fold doors, but when the two zones are used as an open plan living space the light can flow freely throughout the home.

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The glass roof over this outdoor dining area allows the suite to be utilized even if the rain falls.

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Huge dual-story height windows give this indoor lounge an ambiance of the great outdoors. The color scheme here uses warm sunshine yellow, and fiery red to counteract the cold gray concrete wall.

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This room looks sharp in high contrast monochrome.

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Juicy orange tones make a great summer palette.

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The dreamy blue of the ocean panorama is the star of this show. Furniture in this open sided room has been kept low level and neutral, graciously uncomplicated and unobstructive to the sparkling surroundings.

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A statement rug and colorful throw add character to this otherwise simplistic space.

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