Modern Villa With Pool

Modern Villa With Pool

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This very glamorous 500 square meter property is the work of renowned architect Frédéric-Paul Goux. Located in the picturesque Valbonne countryside, in France, the 5 bedroom villa boasts a 100 square meter living and dining room space, a laundry, playroom, wine cellar, spa and fitness center plus hammam, en suite bathrooms and a dressing room to boot.

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Set on a sun drenched plot amidst woodland and lush Mediterranean planting, the property makes the most of it’s prime beauty spot with a heated swimming pool that enables the outdoor space to be enjoyed even in cooler weather.

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The interior of the french home is a contemporary affair with unique flourishes to add a little character, like these quirky perspex dining chairs that playfully masquerade as traditional pieces, and a central sectional sofa arrangement that allows lounging from any angle of approach.

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The central open plan living space is dual height, creating the perfect opportunity for the ceiling mounted media projector to splash huge movies across a large expanse of white wall.

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The dining ‘table’ is in fact an echo of the kitchen breakfasting bench, matching both the shape and same pale marbled finish.The staircase cuts through the space in a clean zigzagged line–free from banisters and spindles or balustrades.

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Subtle pops of warm orange heat the white space, through abstract works of art, house plants and home accessories.

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Numerous floor to ceiling kitchen units span the back wall but go almost unnoticed thanks to the fresh white doors that match the surrounding décor.

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The bedrooms are serene sleeping spaces with soft neutral décor.

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Huge slate tiles give the bathroom scheme a modern edge, along with twin minimalistic basins and a streamlined towel heater.

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These stunning gold mosaic tiles make this room feel extraordinarily special.

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How perfect would it feel to swing in this hammock under the stars?

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Image Credits: 3Mille, Frédéric-Paul Goux

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