Modern Remodel in Hong Kong With A Ferrari As Focus

Modern Remodel in Hong Kong With A Ferrari As Focus

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When it comes to remodeling a home to meet the needs of a new owner, design teams face quite a challenge. The team at Millimeter Interior Design in Hong Kong rose to the challenge with this split level house, taking the boxy frame and turning the interior into something unique, and uniquely livable.

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By turning the garage into a centerpiece for the downstairs living area, the design allows car enthusiasts to keep their prized possessions on display while also making the space itself feel bigger and more open.

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A dining table is actually hidden inside the floor, in a typical East Asian fashion.

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It raises up at a moment’s notice to host both traditional and modern meals.

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A second spacious living room allows for plenty of open floorspace, tucking a sectional sofa into one less conspicuous corner of the room.

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Large kitchens are a luxury few in Hong Kong can afford, or indeed require. This narrow space is perfectly capable of preparing a gourmet meal for a crowd.

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A well appointed home office is a modern home requirement. This open plan gives plenty of space to keep ideas moving and even includes a highly coveted carbon fiber exercise bike for multitasking.

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The bedrooms themselves are also spacious, with the master bedroom opening up onto its own private balcony.

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Enclosing an en suite bathroom in glass is a daring way to ensure its modernity, if not to ensure your own modesty

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A pool fits snugly into this otherwise narrow backyard, with plenty of deck space for lounging in warm months.

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