Luxurious Modern Cottage With Rich Warm Textures

Luxurious Modern Cottage With Rich Warm Textures

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Far beyond a typical suburban house, this modern cottage, with an interior from Ukrainian design firm DA-Design, includes many unique and elegant touches. Each room, from an open dining and kitchen area, to a playroom that any child would beg for, is its own beautiful world.At the same time, the designers have made the colors flow easily from one room to another so that the decor feels ultimately united and welcoming. Take a look.

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Immediately we can see the warm and welcoming textures of the main living area.

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The neutral, earthy textures from a carefully rumpled rug to a small wooden footstool, are a reflection of the expansive acreage that lay just outside the window.

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In the living room, illumination is prevalent, from modern hinged floorlamps to the overhead fixtures, to the soft glow of a cool fireplace.

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Soft lounge chairs take their inspiration from the classic Le Corbusier style, but with a little more plushness.

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A central pillar, painted in whimsical chalkboard paint, divides the living room from the kitchen and dining area but keeps the flow of people easy and free.

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A small dining table is built right into the kitchen area and can expand or fold away depending on the day.

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A partial wall keeps the dining room separate while its white surface reflects the natural light from outside.

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In the bedroom, we can see even more inspiration from the great outdoors, with modern wood paneled walls.

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Splashes of turquoise give a playful jolt to an otherwise neutral scheme.

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An en suite bath is hidden behind a translucent wall, giving the illusion of more space.

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The kid’s playroom is perhaps the most amazing room in this modern design.

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It features a central playhouse that doubles as a lofted bed, making it the ultimate for sleepovers.

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A ladder on the side of the house leads up to the beds on the “roof”.

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From above we can see the perfect slumber party retreat.

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There is also a sofa at ground level that can easily convert to a bed, and plenty of tucked away storage for toys and games.

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Designers have chosen bold, playful colors but they don’t overwhelm the senses. Detail like this retro-inspired lamp keep the design a little more grown up.

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A separate water closet manages to make the master bath a bit more private for soaking.

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Simple white tiles and an ultra-modern sink are not to flashy, but perfectly relaxing.

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The bathroom itself focuses on a massively beautiful private tub.

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With double headrests and plenty of candles, this tub is meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace.

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The wood paneling on the outside keep with that natural element thread that’s weaving itself through the rest of the house.

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But of course, the kids need a bathroom, too.

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The colorful tiled design is perfectly youthful but can easily carry a child from elementary to high school with no renovations.

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