Sophisticated Family Apartment with Rich Wood Accents

Sophisticated Family Apartment with Rich Wood Accents

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When a family is living in an apartment together, it is essential for each family member to have his or her own space. At times, it may not be possible for every child to have his own room or every parent to have a private office, but each person must have at least some space that is their own. In this family apartment in St. Petersburg, from the designers at Art Studio Design, each room has its own distinct feel and each family member has a space that is unique where they can retreat whenever they need to get away.

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The apartment itself is 108 square meters (1162 square feet), which is not extremely large for a growing family. Still, the designers make use of each room so that it feels quite spacious and even luxurious.

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The living areas are dominated by the contrast of light and dark. Wood elements are rich and dark while furniture, area rugs, and walls are white. This contrast in and of itself is sophisticated and urbane.

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A small kitchen and its included dining area is not extravagant by any means, but the simple design is comfortable and welcoming for a family meal. The white molded chairs in place of wood or metal give the space a bit of whimsy.

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In the master bedroom, we can see the influence of contrast. The upholstered wall behind the bed acts as an oversized headboard with a call to something more classic while a modern armless chair perched by the window is the epitome of futuristic style.

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The purple color scheme is just the right amount of rich to be relaxing and never overpowering.

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The child’s room makes full use of a colorful wall design, keeping everything else safely neutral. Creative shelving and a workspace by the window will let the room grow up with the little girl.

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A simple, angular bathroom with a white tile accent wall is sleek and utilitarian without some of the flourishes other designs might have.

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Finally, the entryway calls us back to the living area with its dark wood, offering all guest a rich and warm welcome.

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