Modern Apartment Designs by Phase6 Design Studio

Modern Apartment Designs by Phase6 Design Studio

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Designed by Taiwanese designer Phase6 Design Studio, these three apartments showcase the firms ability to play with texture, light, and minimalism to create truly stunning spaces.

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1. A High Ceilinged Wonder: The focal point – and most dramatic feature – of this space is the high ceilings. Speaking for themselves with just a little bit of light and a lone ceiling fan, the eye is instantly drawn up by the vertical lines and natural light. The room, which uses a balance of natural tones, wood, and stone, feels very in touch with nature. In a way, it’s a modern take on what one might feel while sitting in a forest. The fan, a cool breeze. The large windows, the sunshine. The wood surrounding the space and dotting the furnishings? The trees that surround you.

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To keep the space from feeling too dramatic, pops of playful blue stand out on the comfortable sofa.

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The view from the living area out into the hallway is a unique one. It feels as if you’re looking toward the sun, even though it’s only a uniquely placed lighting sconce.

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The floor plan is open and airy, with plenty of storage and shelving in the rear of the sofa. It’s a practical yet beautiful work space, with dual desks and a gorgeous view.

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Clean lines and warm wood tones dominate the entryway, which showcases just a simple bench inside the door.

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The recessed lighting, coupled with the white walls and polished floor, make the room appear to glow.

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To break up the wood, white cabinets and drawers dot the built in along the back wall.

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In the bedroom, the same wood tones carry through in the floor and room divider, which doubles as both part of the wardrobe and headboard. A built-in vanity stands across the room next to the terrace windows. The closet space is ample.

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Clever touches that save on space or clutter can be found throughout the apartment, like the bedside lamps, matching wood nightstand, and walkthrough closet area.

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Windows to the side and behind the bed make the room feel bright and airy, along with the fixtures positioned close to the walls.

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The vanity table, while compact, has plenty of space for jewelry and cosmetics, as well as drawers and tabletop space. Photos or curated artwork might rest on the open shelf above the mirror.

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Out in the dining area, you’ll find a modern light fixture, curved chairs, and the same wood tones in the long dining table.

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The kitchen adjoins the dining area and seems to blend in seamlessly with the white of the surrounding walls and wood of the foyer. It is crisp and clean, but still very functional.

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Additional built-in shelving assures plenty of storage space for kitchen and dining essentials.

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2. A Minimalist Family Home: Imagine a space that could be filled with treasured furnishings only – and plenty of imagination. The blank slate punctuated by pops of bright color is what this family home is all about. The large and open living area keeps things simple. Ample storage takes up much of the wall, while there’s a colorful throw to be enjoyed for play. A TV, plenty of seating, and light spilling in from the windows is all you need.

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All that’s needed now is the family to enjoy it.

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Mirrors along the back wall of the couch don’t just add to the overall brightness of the room, but they make it feel even more open and airy, as the hallway continues to lead you through the rest of the house on light wood floors.

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Around the corner, one can peek to find a child’s playroom or bedroom perhaps, with folding doors as a unique design feature.

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The dining room, anchored by warm browns and pops of yellow from the flowers on the table, feels inviting. A bar is nested into the corner behind it with lots of open shelving for books, a workspace, and an open view throughout the rest of the main living areas.

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The desk area is compact yet an efficient use of space. It feels both connected and separate from the rest of the home, allowing it to be used as both a place for retreat or for family activity.

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The kitchen and dining area have open views throughout the rest of the living area, where you’ll find pops of wood along the white walls and light floors, as well as stainless steel in the kitchen.

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The bedroom carries through the woods and whites, save for the colorful pillows and throw placed across the bed.

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A bathroom is just steps away through a wardrobe and closet area. In the corner, an L-shaped bank of windows gives a view to the city outside, as well as plenty of natural light.

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A TV sits across from the bed in a simple recessed shelving area.

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3. Like Modern Art: Picture the pieces you’d find in a modern art museum. Perhaps a painting in the Cubist style. Or maybe a sculpture made from glass and metal. Maybe something organic and alive. These are the things you’ll find in this work of art. The main living area is cozy and inviting with a soft leather couch, warm woods, and a dramatic ceiling. The view into the landscaped yard is simply perfect and one could imagine this area to be an indoor retreat from the trials of daily living.

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Behind the staircase, you’ll find an open garden, a unique feature within any home. The stairs themselves are a wood, white, and brushed metal creation. The dining area on the opposite side of the staircase is simple, functional, and beautiful.

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Bench seating and natural wood pairs beautifully with the smooth stone along the floor. Shining white cabinets make the kitchen area blend perfectly with the surrounding white walls. A conical black fixture creates a unique but subtle focal point in the room.

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Behind the stairs in the garden area, you’ll find the bathroom door, which opens into a luxurious space with frosted skylights and smooth natural stone. This house feels like a spa, ready to invite you in for rest and relaxation.

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On another level, a grand piano and small library creates a space for meditation. A simple bench is all that’s needed to complete the room. The instrument acts as the art, ready to fill the room with the same.

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Through a glass paneled dividing wall, you get a glimpse back into the living room.

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Double ovens and modern fixtures assure that even the most daring of gourmets won’t be disappointed by the kitchen.

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Skylights spill natural light through the home.

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The bedroom calls to mind the work of Surrealist artists, with a structural staircase, mirrored vanity, industrial style lighting, and warm woods all blended into one.

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The stairs are their own work of art, giving a bold statement to the neutrals of the rest of the room.

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The view from the loft above further shows the simplicity of the minimalist space below, but it feels far from sparse. It is perfectly furnished, and like a museum, each item is expertly curated for maximum impact.

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Finally, in the bathroom, gray stone tiles, woods, and granite come together for a luxurious bath. The shower is a particular stunner, having striking fixtures and a simple glass divider wall to break it up from the rest of the space.

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