A Dark and Calming Bachelor Bad with Natural Wood and Concrete

A Dark and Calming Bachelor Bad with Natural Wood and Concrete

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There is not one single way to be a bachelor. Indeed, elements that may seem masculine and desirable to one man may be entirely the opposite of what another needs and craves from his own living space. This home in Kiev is designed for one specific bachelor who has his own tastes and desires. The space measures 90.6 square meters (975 square feet) and was created to give this man a place to relax and unwind after long days of an active and busy life. In order to create this kind of serene atmosphere, the designers from Yo Dezeen used deep neutral colors along with rich, unadorned materials like natural wood, concrete, and glass.

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The main living area is fairly spacious with a huge, comfortable sofa (from Minotti) that dominates a large portion of the area. The grey color palette extends to many of the pieces in the space, including an armchair (also from Minotti) and a plush area rug. When a man’s hair start to grey it gives him a distinguished air and the same clearly holds true in this home. The greys and neutral tones are distinguished, sophisticated and indeed quite calming.

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The living room opens up to the other areas of the home, including a glamorous entry way, a simple dining area and a sleek utilitarian kitchen. In each space, the natural wood really serves to take the lead, from creative wall covering to carved wood furniture.

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The dining table stands in contrast to the natural wood flooring with is simple, sleek metal table and modern molded chairs.

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In the bedroom, lines get a little bit softer as they should. The wood paneling remains, but the floor covering goes from soft pile to deep shag. The lush leather bed is of course a focal point, just begging to be touched, smelled, and ultimately collapsed into.

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The bath keeps with the sleek themes using luxurious marble tiles and angular fixtures for a clean and polished look.

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