4 Single Studio Apartment Designs under 100 Square Metres

4 Single Studio Apartment Designs under 100 Square Metres

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Apartments are often designed with couples in mind. Housing small-to-middle size families, a range of styles from across the world show how your kids’ bedrooms, and your own, can be clutter-free and brimming with stylish simplicity. The only question is: how do you design well, with only one person in mind? These four apartments are designed for one-person households - specifically. Whether for gaming fanatics, lovers of inspirational quotes or space-saving minimalists, each of these designs has something thoughtful and functional to offer. White space, light wood and Scandinavian-style designs predominate, allowing room for each and every single persons design personality to shine.

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  • Source: gyunexX
Our first apartment is the bachelor pad of GyuneXX, a well-known Reddit user. His bachelor-friendly living room shows his love for gaming and anime, blending light wood finishes and black leather together to form the ultimate gaming zone. Measuring only 39sqm, the space is designed to fit a comfy desk space and several DVD compartments, combining functionality with a Scandinavian-style design.

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Further extending the space, a film calico drops down to reveal a cinema room, perfect for displaying movie favourites.

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Light-wood panelling continues throughout the space to the kitchen, which mirrors the TV cabinetry. Touches of light wood on the kitchen table and armchair fixtures create cohesion throughout the space, while a panoramic print behind the sofa creates a focal point.

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  • Visualizer: Afina Portobello
The virtues of interior design make themselves clear in the alternative options for this space. Using the same 39sqm, the space is transformed from bachelor pad to light and dreamy studio home. In the living room, geometric patterns hint to a gaming background, which are reflected in the cushions and rug. Mustard in-panelling in the kitchen draws the eye between shafts of white in the kitchen and brick wall behind. A second option is provided for the same space below.

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Another two options for the living room mimic the same themes. Geometric patterns dominate in the first, with stone-coloured curtains alternating amongst Nordic-style furniture and mustard finishes. The second option shines lighter, with dreamy chiffon curtains and cane chairs inviting a more worldly seat.

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The view into the bedroom shows the two themes carrying again. The first predominates in teal, with lemon accents showing in small round tables and couch cushions, the bed hiding behind stencilled white bookshelves. The second hones in on the bedroom, with chiffon living room curtains leading to stone bedding and light-wood hues. Zigzag patterns avert the eye.

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A straight view of the kitchen offers a shifting gaze. The first option points to mustard cupboards, with subtle white tiling and lightwood groundings. Option number two uses white tiling as the feature, illuminating its sheen while white cabinetry fades into the background.

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Textured white walls personalise both spaces. Minimalist bedding lies behind a two-walled entrance, one sketched in abstract, the other clad in white brick. Scandinavian school chairs offer a view.

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  • Visualizer: Lệ Hằng Lê
A more feminine apartment is shown by our third design. Measuring just 48sqm, this space-saving beauty has character and cosiness in one bold little number. The living room exemplifies this trend, with pops of teal and charcoal lighting up animal and landscape prints on a clean white wall. Hanging bauble lights add elegance.

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The view to the kitchen examples everyday elegance. Clean, simple décor is met by high-wooden stools in two colours, with the teal stool referring to the lounge table behind. Thin white Venetian blinds let in the light.

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A feature quote in striking black hits the white wall, an impact felt throughout the space. Alternate white and teal school chairs offer a space to tired diners. Hanging wall shelves add functionality.

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A mirror within the apartment makes the space seem larger. A matching quote continues the theme, while breaking the juxtaposed colouring.

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Softer hues clothe the bedroom in pink and light blue, relaxing colours for dreamtime. Abstract prints framed by dividing curtains let the space come into its own, while clothes hide behind white-panelled wardrobe doors.

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  • Visualizer: Elena Ovcharenko
Last but not least, a 93.25sqm bachelor pad in Kyiv, Ukraine, offers a stylish shoulder to lean on. Using finishing touches such as a gradating tile-to-wood floor, this unique space can easily transition from boy’s night to family gathering. In the living room, a focal camel couch matches the shade of kitchen wood panels, while a potted plant and magnetic lights add contrast.

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Circular elements in the dining table and plant leaves mirror each other, in a space more resort than inner-city apartment. Rectangular hovering benches and wall panels allow the mounted TV to blend in on earthen-coloured walls.

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A view to the tile-wooden floor shows personality in a restricted space. Wooden elements reflect themselves in stove housing and wooden chairs, while beige kitchen tiles break the mould.

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