Gorgeous Tropical Villas In Bali

Gorgeous Tropical Villas In Bali

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Whoever said that theres no such thing as paradise, has evidently never been to Bali. White sandy beaches, crystal blue water and tropical weather... what could be better? The answer - living in one of these three villas during your stay. These skillfully crafted spaces will exponentially increase your enjoyment of paradise. Each has the same refreshing tropical theme, but executes it in different ideas. Each villa has a distinct personal style and charismatic draw. Take a leisurely tour through all three and catalogue ideas for your own future holiday home. After all, what could be better than spending your Balinese stay in a charming tropical villa? Absolutely nothing.

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  • Source: Asia Holiday Retreats
Our first villa is located in Bali’s fashionable Oberoi area, known for it’s upscale locations and trendy holiday spots. This tropical gem is nestled between the most luxurious shopping centers, restaurants and theatres that Bali has to offer.

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Any self respecting tropical villa is going to make use of the gorgeous natural scenery. Villa Ace uses local flora to create a beautiful personal jungle around an invitingly blue pool. Comfortable green chairs match the plants, and urge the holiday maker to spend a leisurely day at the gorgeous poolside and just soak up the sun.

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Stylish pillars serve their purpose, allowing the outdoor area to take partial shelter under the roof without closing it off or separating the spaces. The villa boasts an open air living/dining room so that the holiday never has to end.

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The comfortable grey and white lounge suite, state-of-the-art kitchen and spacious dining room table ensure that the space is the perfect place for entertaining guests.

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The space utilizes a mix of classic ornaments, statues and artworks to create a traditional theme. The coffee table in particular is a remarkable design piece that is both stimulating and breathtaking.

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A wooden dining room table for six, is the ideal place to host dinner parties. The raw wooden design fits in perfectly with the rest of the villa’s design.

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The white color of the living area complements the wooden and modern elements, tying all the aspects together to create a clean and tailored design without stripping the space of it’s refreshing aura.

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Marble floating stairs add to the rejuvenating atmosphere, the modern design fitting into the overall look.

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What better way to start your morning with a cup of java in the bracing early morning air? Can you just imagine sipping your mandatory morning drink while enjoying this view?

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The spacious modern kitchen ties into the tropical theme by making use of wood and lush house plants. The kitchen island is an oval shape, both for style and function. Instead of the usual square or rectangle, the oval is a unique feature that frees up space.

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Villa Ace’s main bedroom is an attractive mix of style and comfort. The red accent pillows and throw blends in with the dark wooden elements such as the doors and bed frame. The room is spacious and serene, the flowing mosquito nets adding an ethereal quality to the room.

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The second bedroom is similar to the main bedroom, but deviates in color and lighter shades of wood. The view is like a dream, who would want to go to sleep when you can live in a world like that?

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Black and white pieces of art grace the walls of this lovely bedroom, adding to the contemporary style.

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  • Source: Asia Holiday Retreats
Villa Ipanema is the second jaw dropping holiday getaway on our list. The villa is the ultimate group destination, with four master bedrooms connected to ensuite bathrooms and a variety of amenities right on it’s doorstep. This is where you take your friends/family for an unforgettable bonding session.

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An open air living space has been carefully planned so that you’re never too far from the paradise outside, and the well lit pool area ensures that any time can be holiday time.

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A luxurious day bed at the end of the pools is the ultimate place to relax from all the wonders of this island wonderland. A lavish pool mirrors the sky and is rimmed by a sultry jungle garden.

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A hidden upstairs nestled between the lush tops of the trees in the garden gives the perfect view of the surrounding scenery.

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Villa Ipanema’s living room is protected from the elements by a traditional Balinese wooden roof that adds to the design. The unparalleled space blends the best of beauty and symmetry creating a space that’s rejuvenating and restful.

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The dining room table is illuminated by designer light fixtures and is a great place to bond with family/friends. This might be the most elegant place to hear all those embarrassing childhood stories again.

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The modern kitchen looks as though it’s been carved out of stone, with warm wooden and natural elements warming the space up.

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The main bedroom is fit for a king, with a slightly raised four poster king sized bed and stately floors.

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Clear french windows allow the guest to never miss out on the gorgeous natural landscape. A stylish table provide space for the television to entertain the guests when the weather isn’t cooperating.

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This bedroom has a mirrored accent wall that makes the room look even better and reflects the room’s tasteful decor.

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A stone accent wall above the bed is a raw element that is wonderfully attractive and adds to the villa’s natural theme. A dark blue lounge chair is a cosy aspect that contributes to the comfortable feel of the bedroom.

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A corner enclave is an ideal place to curl up with a good book or shoot a quick email back home.

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The villa’s bathrooms are designed to have a completely tropical feel. This is achieved through the raw stone amenities, wooden elements and refreshing pot plants.

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The bathrooms were painstakingly designed to include the famous Balinese scenery so that you’re never separated from the island vibe.

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The bathroom feels as though you’re bathing in some remote jungle civilization. The freedom of the outside, combined with the privacy of a bathroom.

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  • Source: Asia Holiday Retreats
Villa Istana Satu is the last villa on our list, but by no means the least. Just a stone’s throw away from Seminyak’s vibrant market place, the villa is an intimate retreat that delivers the ultimate holiday experience.

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A sparkling private pool is surrounded by manicure gardens with poolside loungers for the guest intent on relaxing.

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High walls provide security and privacy so that guests can enjoy their stay in absolute comfort, a luxurious cabana can attest to that fact.

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Large sliding doors open to a stylish living room where guests can escape the tropical heat thanks to the state-of-the-art air conditioner.

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A exquisitely hand crafted table commands attention at the center of the room, while the large windows and glass doors incorporate the lush gardens into the decor. Who needs an accent wall when you’ve got a natural view?

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An intimate dining space is a lovely place to have breakfast withh close friends or a loved one. Food can be served through the stylish and compact food bar that provides a glimpse into the western style kitchen.

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The villa’s open plan living area opens up the floor space needed to create such a spacious and stylish area for the guests’ comfort. It also makes it easier to incorporate the theme into every aspect of the villa.

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A master bedroom with a king sized bed is the best place to relax after a full day under the Balinese sun. White glossy floors reflects the sun that peeks through the greenery, warming up the entire bedroom.

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Small lights on the floor leading to the master bedroom creates a romantic ambience mirrored by Bali’s enchanting landscape.

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Colorful patterns and timber furniture warms up the white aspects of the room, while the dark wooden ceiling draws the eye upwards and constitutes as a pleasing design feature.

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Not every bathroom has access to a breathtaking island view, but the right painting can make your forget that. The villa’s bathroom is sumptuous thanks to the palatial amenities and warm tones of the wall-to-floor tiles.

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