Luxurious Apartment Redefines The Term Urban Jungle

Luxurious Apartment Redefines The Term Urban Jungle

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Man and nature have always been locked together in a perpetual battle. With man trying to civilize the world and nature being a force to be reckoned with. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Well, when expertly blended- magic.YØ DEZEEN has done just that. This design company has fused contemporary and organic styles to create a stunningly luxurious apartment that captures your attention as soon as you walk in. The apartment includes thoughtful design and remarkable attention to detail. In every room it ties natural and worldly elements together to construct an urban jungle. Look if you can see how they did it.

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The main design concept for the space was to separate the two floors of the apartment and isolate the top floor where the bedrooms are located.The bottom floor consists of a living, kitchen and entertainment area. All of which leads to the terrace with a state-of-the-art outdoor entertainment area.By isolating the bedrooms on the second floor, one homeowner can get sufficient privacy and rest, should another homeowner decide to entertain guests.

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The abundance of windows in the apartment allowed designers to use a dark monochromatic color palette.Bright accent pieces such as the vertical gardens with tropical plants and light stone walls have been added to the apartment’s decor to balance out the dark and intense colors.The wooden paneling on the ceiling warms the area, making the apartment more homely.

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The living room creates a literal urban jungle. The large windows look out onto the city, while the interior has green and wooden elements combined with the sleek monochromatic color palette. The cutting edge fireplace and tropical house plant give a glimpse of how well man and nature can co-exist.

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The study area is kept private by a dark glass wall that doubles as an accent wall.

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A small living area has been incorporated into the study, this adds comfort to the home office, an ideal space for the homeowner who brings work home.The graphic drawing on the wall is framed by a wide panel of glass that reflects off of the adjacent dark glass wall and creates an intriguing design feature.The ceiling lights also create a unique pattern that decorates the wall.

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A dark cupboard contrasts to the lighter grey wall, adding depth to the room. A designer chair ties into many of the room’s elements and is a fashionable piece.

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Two contrasting carpets adorn the floor, at first glance they appear intriguing, but upon closer inspection they tie the room together. The interior of the designer chair match the top carpet while the couch’s material matches the bottom carpet.The coffee table also matches the dark accent wall and blends the stairs and dark cupboard into the layout.

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The desk is stylishly simple, left uncluttered and makes for a practical work space. A conical hanging lamp ensures that the area remains well lit. A sculpture encased by the glass showcase adds sophisticated artistry to the study.

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The staircase is a design feature that engages the viewer with it’s simple metal frame and thin sleek stairway.The design turns the humble stairway into an art piece.

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A mirrored table is almost imperceptible, as it’s function is to add depth to the design of the staircase.Two ottomans are nestled under the table, adding to the color scheme. While the indoor garden planted under the staircase paired with the wooden paneling incorporate the tamed jungle concept.

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The white rounded chandeliers have a fun design and brightens the room considerably. The French windows allow for natural light, but the blinds give the homeowner a sense of privacy.

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The open plan apartment allows the bottom floor to become the ultimate entertainment area. The sizable dining room table is a stylish statement that allows the homeowner to host large dinner parties.

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The dark wall and ceiling panels subtly separate the different areas without closing anything off.

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The chrome bar adds a futuristic element that isn’t just chic, it’s incredibly modern too.Open cabinets create an accent wall and makes the space look neat and organized.

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The coffee table behind the couch uses books as ornaments, giving the room a distinguished essence.The room makes the most out of the monochromatic color scheme, with the green accents brightening the room.The blinds match the ceiling panels, drawing the eye toward the impressive view.

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The ceiling lights and thin standing lamps are sleek and don’t draw attention, adding to the apartment’s modern aesthetic.The light grey steps are a subtle contrast to the wooden flooring, gently drawing the viewer toward the terrace.

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The delicate chandeliers are an elegant complement to the tropical plants, together they soften the room and form a refreshing perspective.

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An herb garden above the bar is not only aesthetically pleasing, it’s also functional and creative. The material finish on the bar stools add texture to the room, while the reflective surface of the bar adds depth.

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The bottom floor of the apartment is the perfect entertainment area. Modern, sleek and chic. The top floor mirrors the design concept, but contributes comfort and functionality.

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The bed’s pillowed base is the picture of comfort, inviting the homeowner to unwind after a hectic day. The bedroom area uses many different elements to creatively construct a space that is cozy as well as trendy.

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Three different walls are used as partitions to create a room within a room, isolating the sleeping area and making a sheltered resting place. The vertical garden and tropical potted plant brighten the room, adding a refreshing element.

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The room also boasts a massive his-and-hers walk in closet with ample space and ups the luxury factor.

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Every room needs a focal point, which in this room is the bed and vertical garden, but the wall separating the bed and closet is worth being mentioned too. The top part of the wall has been encased in glass and is highlighted by LED lighting. It’s a classy accent wall that contributes depth and finesse.

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Contrasting carpets and a woven blanket add texture to the room, preventing it from looking bland and boring.

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A chair by the windows joined by a side table resting against the leafy green backdrop produces an intimate reading area.

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A shower cubicle in the corner of the room is barely noticeable, a glass cubicle focuses attention on the wall paneling, turning it into a understated design feature.

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The vertical garden is a gorgeous example of the contained wildness of the apartment. All throughout the home there are elements that capture the essence of nature within confined constructs. The plants spill out of the cage, but are trimmed and held back.

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Besides being a dazzling design feature, the garden also shields the bath, turning it into a private area.

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The cosmetic bottles and stacked towels dispel the need for a lot of storage space, by being part of the room’s design.

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The bathroom is luxuriously spacious, with ample space to move around, this is largely possible due to the compact structure of the amenities.

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A glossy white wall creates a clean and vivid accent wall. The tropical plants allude to the concept of contained wildness.

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Outside, the terrace joins the home with the sky. Large windows turn the heavens into an ever changing focal point. The exterior of the apartment opts for a more natural color palette. The overhanging slats are able to open and shut, keeping the elements out.

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A white couch allows the homeowner to feel as though they were sitting on a cloud.The space is more open, the glass railings a daring feature, but the darkened blinds are in place in case of extreme weather.

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Crawling ivy is a refined feature, with the leaves matching the dining chairs, creating a unified space. The granite barbecue space is a solid focal point, with the stacked logs matching the flooring.

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Earth meets water and sky here. The muted shades of wood provide the earthy tones, while the deep blue of the pool is a glossy mirror of the clear sky, leading the eye towards the striking view.

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The space is sheltered by a metal frame, that is structurally sound without blocking the sky.Brown loungers set against the green marble wall, along with the ivy and lush house plants carry the jungle through to the pool area.

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Strategically placed lights ensure that the pool can be used both during the day and night, while a transparent pool wall requires that swimmers have a strong sense of adventure.

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