A Scandinavian Style Apartment Perfect For a Small Family

A Scandinavian Style Apartment Perfect For a Small Family

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Anybody with a small child can attest to the fact that your apartments interior will never remain in place for very long. A small family can present such a heart warming scene, so shouldnt their apartment reflect that? There are very unique challenges when it comes to designing an apartment that will house a mischievous darling and loving parents.Zrobym Architects in Belarus took on such a challenge head on and came out victorious. They were able to create a versatile and fashionable interior that keeps in mind the challenges of raising a child in an apartment. The home is not only functional, it also exudes Scandinavian charm.

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Scandinavian design is renowned for being sleek and minimalist. This apartment definitely showcases a few of those elements, by using neutral colors as a base and using polished and compact furniture. It also incorporates some bright and cheery elements such as the colorful comfortable couch, throw pillows and carpet to make the apartment look homely and inviting. The apartment makes full use of it’s 62 square feet by including a living room, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms, study and balcony.

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The living room presents a charming picture as a cozy family room. The couch is the perfect place to snuggle up and watch a movie together, with the abundance of pillows and a woolen blanket draped over the end.The overhanging swing arm wall lamp, as well as the minimalist style coffee tablesconveys the essence of Scandinavian style and the white curtains are a solid base that brings the other elements into focus.The coffee table looks like a mature take on toddler’s stacking blocks. The living room is practical as there are no expensive ornaments that can be broken and nothing valuable is within reach of curious little hands.

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A black and white set of table and chairs is a dining space with a scenic view to enjoy with meal times, a set of house plants ensures that the space is refreshing and a pleasant spot to enjoy your food.The abstract paintings paired with the yellow and grey carpet add an extra touch to the living room that ties the two design elements together. The space would be incomplete without these accessories.

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A fresh houseplant adds a little green to the scene, and the wooden holder is a secure base that makes it hard to knock down and quite safe.A shelf holds most of the accessories out of reach from a little child and adds maturity to the wall.Wooden wall panels paired with the wooden floor softens the scene and subtly contributes to the homely atmosphere.

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The white components and glass paneled wall are a contemporary and sleek design. While warmer elements such as the yellow seat and quirky floor mat ensures that the front entrance is a cohesive part of the overall design.The personal affects such as the sneakers and clothing accessories add a little insight to the homeowner’s personal sense of style and alerts you as to the function of the white cabinets.

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The floor is custom designed with two components that match like an intriguing puzzle, this is achieved by stark white tiles paired with a slightly darker shade of wood.The end result is a subtle accent that doesn’t detract from other elements and is instead a beautiful highlight to the rest of the design.

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The kitchen wall is a multifaceted accent wall that poses a stimulating picture. The overall design is modern and airy, while the blue tiles and accessories add radiance and enjoyment.

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The light wooden cupboards, light fixtures and houseplants contribute to a subtle organic aura. The window by the dining table attracts a lot of natural light and provides a breathtaking view of the urban landscape.

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The kitchen boasts ample storage space despite it’s limited floor space. By arranging the furniture away from the kitchen area, the busiest space in the home is uncluttered and allows the cook to work in comfort.

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Every parent knows that a child’s lifestyle will not be confined to his/her bedroom. Children need space and a place to play. In this apartment the little girl’s playroom is combined with a parent’s study. The accent wall comprises of a starry wallpaper that is the background to a series of child-like framed pictures . The light fixture is adorned with a colorful mobile to satisfy the style needs of both child and parent.

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A white bookshelf with wooden drawers ensures that each toy has a place and organizes the toys in the order of what the child is likely to want the most. A chalkboard showcases the child’s artistic talent, allowing her to unleash her creativity and makes the result part of the room’s design. A grey floor pillow is a comfy spot for her to flop onto or a place for a parent to interact with a child without kneeling or sitting on the floor.

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It wouldn’t be a little girl’s play room without some pink somewhere. A light pink settee and lamp fulfills that girlish need.

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White walls and light wooden doors and shelves make the room look bigger and brighter. A colorful patterned carpet ties all the elements together and ensures that the floor isn’t forgotten or boring.

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A sliding cupboard door is the wisest option when furnishing a small space, this storage unit is now functional and pragmatic, this is especially needed because of it’s close proximity to the swinging door, otherwise there would be a lot of confusion and slamming of door against door.

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The child’s workplace is a childish mirror of the parent’s, a perfect setting for when the child wants to imitate the parents. The wooden panel is a feature that is sure to delight the small mind, and for when boredom strikes a shelf full of toys is within arm’s reach.

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The windows allow in light to enliven the room, while a green chair and houseplants incorporate an organic feel when paired with the wooden elements of the design.

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The parent’s desk is an ideal place to get some work with few distracting features. The accessories are mainly youthful and fun to include the grown up’s space with the innocent decor.The unique desk chair is a fun take on an office chair and is a wonderful addition of childlike whimsy.

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A delightful feature in the parents’ bedroom is the window seat built on top of light wooden drawers making this a functional as well as luxurious aspect.The window seat includes a clear view of the scenery and a vintage wall lamp for night time reading. A furry grey carpet and colored throw pillows are a stylish element that makes the retreat decidedly more warm and cozy.The large french window in front of the bed allows the light to work with the white walls to make a sunny and breezy bedroom.

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For those times when the homeowner wants to curl in bed with a good book, a shelf has been positioned within arm reach and looks classy while performing this function. The light fixtures along with the light walls incorporate the Scandinavian design concept into the room.

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The apartment utilizes a lot of cupboards for storage space, making sure to use compact and modern designs. The cupboard has been taken to the upgraded by painting the interior a delightful shade of pink.

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A light wooden stepladder matches the wooden cupboards and is a useful tool for short limbs.

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The bathroom is completely Scandinavian in style and makes use of many sleek and minimalist design techniques.

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A black light fixture and elegant houseplant add color to the room, while ladder towel rails add texture.

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The bathroom uses glass and mirrors combined with a light palette to create the illusion of space.

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The room includes natural details, with the wooden counter top and houseplant, while the wash basin is a fresh, contemporary design.

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The tiled wall is a subtle accent that adds depth texture to the room. The shelves to the corner are a convenient storage space that keeps personal items private.

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