A Bright, Airy Home with Lots of White

A Bright, Airy Home with Lots of White

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Even for the most design-minded, it can get tiring to look at beautiful spaces that feel like they would be impossible to actually live in. But luckily, beautiful design does not have to be minimalist or impractical. It is possible to design a home that has plenty of storage for more than 3 shirts, that has pops of pretty colors but plenty of clean surfaces that are both attractive and useful. In this post, youll get to take a look inside a home from the design team at Nordico with photography from Hey!Cheese Photography. The house uses a lot of white, but does not have the monochromatic offputting style that some designs do. Instead, the space is practical. It is so easy to imagine coming home to this design, sinking into the sofa, and living a comfortable but stylish life.

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From the first image, we can see the carefully chosen furniture that is well-constructed but has a practical purpose. For example, the unique coffee table, which is the Ding Table by Normann Copenhagen, is definitely stylish but of course serves perfectly as support for a cup of coffee or some light reading.

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The natural wood that is used throughout the home acts as a beautiful accent as well as being a practical material for cleaning and for setting off accent colors.

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Natural wood along the ceiling lowers the height a bit but recessed lighting helps to open up the space.

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Pretty planters mounted to the wall and nestled next to the sofa give the cozy living room some lovely greenery.

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Comfortable reading chairs are always a nice addition to a living room and this cerulean choice is no exception. The huge angular Flos 265 wall lamp is a nice addition.

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A little planter rack next to the sofa is the home for cute indoor house plants that are easy to care for.

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Creative wall shelving is another practical and attractive design choice.

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No home can every have enough storage and these hidden drawers could house those trinkets and knickknacks that can’t really live anywhere else.

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An interior glass wall separates the main living area from the dining room.

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In the dining room, modern dining chairs are the perfect option for a small dinner party or a quick breakfast.

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Exposed bulb lighting is still chic and these gold connectors add a bit of surprising shine.

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The bedroom isn’t huge, but some cute, artistic choices give it a lot of warmth and personality.

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White on white makes the light that streams in through the blinds that much more effective in brightening up the room.

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Another modern chair makes for a simple addition to the study space in this bedroom.

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Closet space is not in short supply, hiding away whatever mess may appear.

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A unique wall clock means that whoever sleeps here will know exactly how long they have to work on their homework.

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White subway tile in the bathroom is a timeless look.

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A deep tub and glass doors create a very chic effect.

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Patterned tile on one wall adds a bit of playful interest.

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Kitchen clocks are essential for the home cook that doesn’t want to burn down their beautiful house.

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The kitchen even has space for fun kitchen accessories like colorful pots and a beautiful cutting board.

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