Modern Cabin Interior Design: 4 Inspiring Examples To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Modern Cabin Interior Design: 4 Inspiring Examples To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

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Life seems to race along at a faster rate than ever before now that we have instant access to everything and everyone via wireless internet and social media platforms. Our smartphones seem to be superglued to the palms of our hands whether we intend it or not. Have you ever wished you could break free from the shackles of modern media for a while by running away to a place where it simply cannot reach you? Well, imagine tucking yourself up in one of these four inspiring modern cabins in a twinkling snowy wilderness, with not one single ping or alert to disturb your outer or inner peace…

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  • Visualizer: VIZN Studio
A modern cabin doesn’t require you to “rough it” just to get away from it all. This first contemporary cabin interior contains all the desired home comforts – bar the TV, computer and phone. A cushiony sectional sofa is flanked by a selection of indoor plants perched on modern plant stands. A large piece of monochrome fox wall art decorates the wall to bring in a little wildlife.

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Black floor cushions and a tree stump stool sit to one side of the modern sofa. A tribal patterned rug takes the centre spot beneath a trio of coffee table designs.

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The other half of this cabin contains an extremely generously sized kitchen diner, where the dining table is built right up into kitchen work station. Facing into the lounge area is a set of open kitchen shelves that display a selection of crockery, cookbooks, pots and pans, a teapot and pitcher.

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A fur throw warms up the seat of one of the dining chairs, adding a rustic flourish. Grey chevron floor tiles keep a modern edge to the scheme.

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Up on a mezzanine level there is an attic bedroom. The pallet bed base and a bedroom chair have been painted white to match stark white surroundings. This minimalist bedroom interior could be anywhere but looks out over rustic cabin decor below, giving its inhabitants the best of both worlds.

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  • Visualizer: HED Studio
Modern cabin number two stands in the snowy wilderness like a glowing beacon of light, guiding you to a simpler life.

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One entire side of each volume is completely glazed from roofline to ground level, as if the building had been cut through like cake to reveal its filling. Outside, a heated pool steams in the cold winter air.

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From the back the home, it appears as though it is closed up tight like a fortress. Interior lights twinkle through back doors that look armoured against the elements.

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A deck has been cleared to make way for a modern deck chair…

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… With a view like this you can see why it’s worth braving the cold air.

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Inside this cabin, ceilings are high and furniture is low.

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The sofa is a multi-colored sectional design that allows cushions to be separated off as needed, like this one pulled closer to the roaring fireplace. The decor of this rustic living room is a combination of wood clad walls and a concrete floor.

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As far as living rooms for book lovers go, this one should hit the spot. The library is also kept at floor level – or rather at stair level – as the books are stored on a three wooden steps that climb up toward the kitchen.

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The fourth step is a concrete platform. An open plan kitchen sits atop the concrete volume as though it were a stage and this were a public cooking demonstration.

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Also up on the concrete stage is a rustic dining room.

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Whilst we hope that the candles in this chandelier are the fake flame kind, this alternative is fire-safe and more fitting for a smaller area.

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  • Visualizer: Jakub Komrska
This mountain cabin has bright turquoise accents.

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Small pops of bright colour lift and modernise large areas of natural wood tone.

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A fur rug keeps things rustic.

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A decorative vase sweetens the bedside.

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High gloss black wall cabinets complete the look.

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A black modern sofa sits at each side of a black glass coffee table.

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An enormous black chimney breast dominates the room.

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A double sided fireplace can be enjoyed from each end of the home. At this end there is a kitchen with a central island, decorated by a single fruit bowl.

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