Lake House With Pool Deck And Open Plan Family Zone

Lake House With Pool Deck And Open Plan Family Zone

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This is the South Lake House, a 1200 square metre project located in Brasilia, Brazil, completed by architects Estúdio Cláudio Resmini. The 950 square metre residence was originally built in the 1980’s, but in 2017 the house received new owners and a new lease of life during a mass renovation. The level of degradation due to lack of maintenance called for intensive intervention. The architects wanted to preserve the original concept, form and strength of the triangular building design, but adapt it to present date. An open plan social living area was also embarked upon, which adjoined the kitchen, dining, lounge, and an additional playroom/toy library.

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Now, the three story modern home exterior looks bang up to date. The uppermost triangular floor was successfully maintained, which is suspended with structural independence from the rest of the house.

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On the open plan ground floor, at lake level, a laundry room and a suite for employees are detached from the intimate family area. Up at street level there is a more social entertaining zone. The private third floor contains five bedroom suites.

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The goal for the renovation of the family space was to strengthen the link with the lake. This has been achieved by leveling the floor that extends out to a new pool area. A rich wooden frame surrounds the swimming pool, and a patio garden where concrete slabs are interrupted by squares of grass, and flower planters of differing heights.

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Trailing plants break up the white concrete exterior between the two lower levels of the house. The new fresh white coating highlights the prismatic nature of the huge triangular volume, intensifying the linearity of the black windows.

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The great swathes of glass reflect the passing clouds.

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To offset the flat linearity of the top floor windows, a metal border was added, which also provides some shade from the morning sun in the brighter months. When it’s time to enjoy the sunshine, the homeowner can pull up a modern outdoor chair on the pool patio below.

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The new design has achieved absolute fluidity between indoor and outdoor living spaces on the lake side.

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There is a bar area attached to an outdoor kitchen at poolside. The gourmet space contains a barbecue grill and refrigerators.

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An outdoor lounge nestles by the side of the pool too.

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Blue lounge chairs and small side tables complement the glittering blue water of the swimming pool and of the lake beyond.

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Smooth stone slabs floor the outdoor kitchen diner.

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Large columns support a curvaceous overhanging ceiling.

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Sergio Parada, one of the architects in charge, comments: “The rectangular geometry allowed to constitute most of the spaces to the east with view to the lake. The project predicted that the view of the lake would not be impeded by the construction of the public road users. Micro internal climate, created through the grandiose emptiness with garden made possible the integration of all the environments of the residence. Colored metal structures and the free form worked concrete defined the design and the aesthetics of the building”.

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The blue accent colour continues up on the first floor in the social gathering area. A retractable glass wall integrates the first floor living room with the terrace.

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Out on the terrace, the balustrades and guard rails have been replaced by clear glass panels for a minimalist design that does not disrupt the expansive lake view.

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The indoor kitchen sits behind a wooden frame, which also serves as a breakfast bar.

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A lower dining table extends from the central kitchen island. White dining room pendant lights illuminate its wooden surface.

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A stainless steel cooker extractor hangs heavily above the marble island, matched by a stainless steel column.

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The cool white marble kitchen island contrasts against warm wooden units behind.

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White feature panels cover the expanse of wall behind the desk.

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An upholstered feature wall shapes the master bedroom scheme. LED perimeter lights shine down over its padded panels of differing neutral shades. The platform bed has been upholstered in matching fabric.

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Mid century inspired pendant lights illuminate a floating bedside unit, which pushes out from between the cushioned wall panels.

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A black countertop strikes across a wooden bathroom vanity in the master suite.

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In the downstairs bathroom, a unique vanity unit appears to glow from within its amber volume.

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Architectural fins create an atrium enroute to the social area.

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A large curved wall hides the black and amber coloured cloakroom.

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The kids’ zone is revealed by a circular cutout in the wall.

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Children’s wall decals decorate the support column inside the toy library.

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Jigsaw floor tiles provide a playful and colourful covering.

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Concrete, stainless steel, wood and matte black units give the outdoor kitchen a fragmented and edgy appearance.

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A gloss black backsplash matches the worktop.

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Marble stairs climb the entryway to the home.

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By night, the modern home exterior, its pool deck and patios are all aglow under an arrangement of outdoor lights.

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Mature palm trees silhouette in the twilight.

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The triangular architecture cuts sharply into the sky.

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Floor plan and pool patio layout.

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First floor living room floor plan and terrace.

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Ground floor plan with open plan family living space. This plan also illustrates the parking zone on the property.

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