Modern Interiors Flavoured With Chic Asian Decor

Modern Interiors Flavoured With Chic Asian Decor

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Modern, Asian, chic decor shapes this collection of four beautiful home interiors. Each use subtle hues and light wood tones to colour inviting yet cool and airy living spaces. These are modern, somewhat minimalist interiors, but it’s subtle Asian influences that give them their interesting though quiet personality. Find beautiful Buddhist altars, stunning Shōji screens and doors, and striking Asian artwork. There is plenty of inspiration for open plan layout ideas here too, and brilliant bespoke bedroom designs that include home workspaces and enviable closets. Fitness enthusiasts might particularly enjoy equipment filled home number four, which comes complete with an artificially grassed spin bike room.

  • 1 |
  • Visualizer: Trang Le
Apricot and lemon accents colour this Taiwanese home. Striking Tai artwork looks out over the lounge, providing the bulk of the colour. An apricot accent chair mirrors the art’s hue on the other side of the room. An interesting round coffee table design serves a pale grey sofa that’s scattered with lemon cushions. A cosy throw makes an inviting spot to snuggle up and read beneath the floor lamp.

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The accent chair sidles up to a terrazzo effect media cabinet. A pair of ribbed doors bring texture to a tall grey storage cabinet that climbs the side of the tv. A high shelf holds a buddhist statue and bells.

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An archway divides the lounge from the kitchen. A kitchen peninsula has been set against the edge of the arch, with a dining table extension.

  • 4 |
Two apricot chairs sit across the table from a checkered dining table bench. The backless bench lets the dining and lounge areas flow together, without giving a cold shoulder to the couch.

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On the other side of the archway there is a small galley kitchen made of white and wood units.

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In the bedroom, one side of the platform bed is equipped with a small side table, whilst the other side is home to a desk. The table lamp can be used when working, or flipped around for reading in bed. There is a large vanity mirror over the desk so that it can double as a dressing table.

  • 7 |
A glass fronted closet resides around the corner, making a minimalist capsule wardrobe necessary for the correct aesthetics, and to show off wonderful wood grain illuminated behind the garment rails.

  • 8 |
A second minimalist bedroom features a built-in platform bed base. A bespoke headboard design extends sideways to form an attached dressing table. A round vanity mirror is complemented by a saucer pendant light shade.

  • 9 |
  • Visualizer: Nguyễn Thủy
Our next interior is tinged with blue, in the cushions, wall art, floral arrangement and vase.

  • 11 |
A lavender and blue glass vase brings vivacious colour to a white and wood kitchen peninsula.

  • 12 |
The vase shines like a beacon behind a wood dining table set. A few more vases cluster together on the table to make a botanical centrepiece, which complements the artwork on the dining room wall.

  • 13 |
Dining room units offer concealed cabinet space, bookshelves and wine storage racks to keep beverages conveniently close to the table.

  • 14 |
In the hallway toward the bedroom, a majestic bonsai grows on a hip-height shelf.

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The second double bedroom includes a home workspace.

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The artwork, Drowning In Thoughts by Kathrin Honesta, inspires a coral accent colour in the room. The dark leaves of an indoor plant, and coffee coloured doors, balance out the darker tone in the art.

  • 18 |
Integrated bedside shelves extend from the platform bed.

  • 19 |
Glass closets line one wall of a chic dressing room.

  • 20 |
Purse shelves fill the other side.

  • 21 |
  • Designer: Hưng Nguyeexn
Our third Asian interior is a 90 square metre elegant apartment, designed for a young family in Hanoi, Vietnam. A mid century modern sofa tones with the woodwork in the living room, and the kitchen behind it.

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The golden upholstery perhaps followed along after the shining gold buddha, placed respectfully high upon a beautiful wooden altar, facing East for enlightenment. Next to the statue, a wooden book tree spreads its branches, just like Buddha sat under the Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya.

  • 23 |
A brown TV wall grows in front of the sofa, with a white shelf and floating console following along the horizontal rib of its texture.

  • 24 |
Decorative screening delicately encases the sides of the Buddhist altar, whilst letting light pass through.

  • 25 |
Three white kitchen bar stools line up along a dining table that’s attached to the kitchen island, where two goldkitchen bar stools perch a little higher.

  • 26 |
White and wood kitchen units line up along the back wall of the open plan room. A narrow black bookshelf niche balances out the look of the black integrated oven on the other side.

  • 27 |
In the master, an orb bedroom pendant light swings low over a floating bedside unit. Across the pillows, there is a matching floating dressing table on the other side.

  • 28 |
In mirror image, a second tabletop protrudes from the opposite wall.

  • 29 |
An Eames bird perches on the desk’s chamfered shape.

  • 30 |
  • Visualizer: Zeng Shunsheng
Finally, this massive open living space is dominated by a huge concrete volume that serves two purposes, firstly as a TV wall, and secondly as a concealment of the home workspace.

  • 31 |
A stock of fitness equipment awaits out on the balcony.

  • 32 |
More gym stuff peeps out from down the hall.

  • 33 |
The minimalistic approach leaves plenty of running space for the littlest family members to keep active too.

  • 34 |
A skylight breaks the ceiling of the colourfully accented living room. A rainbow of hues burst from the bookshelves at the back of the lounge, matched by rainbow striped cushions on the sofa.

  • 35 |
A wooden desk is tucked behind the concrete TV wall.

  • 36 |
The white Caravaggio Pendant by Cecilie Manz for Fritz Hansen hangs in a clean set of three over the dining area.

  • 37 |
A hallway opens up to a faux grass fitness zone.

  • 38 |
Artificial grass and brick wallpaper give the area an outdoor feel.

  • 39 |
Shōji doors close off the bedroom.

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