Luxury Modern Interior With Unified Wood Clad Decor

Luxury Modern Interior With Unified Wood Clad Decor

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Sophisticated walnut wall panels, recessed lighting tracks perimeter light installations, luxurious black marble volumes and high end furniture make up this modern home interior. The upscale contemporary apartment, visualised by MONO Architects is a grownups only kind of place, where sticky fingers would cause havoc on tinted glass walls, and should steer clear of a low slung contemporary open flame fireplace. The kitchen has been designed to meld with the wood wall cladding, becoming almost camouflaged in the backdrop of the large open plan main living room. The cohesive decor theme runs through into the master bedroom and bathroom, effectively uniting all the spaces together as one free-flowing volume.

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Two grey modern sofas are arranged in an L-shape in the lounge, and teamed with a couple of deep moss green accent chairs. The back of one of the couches is equipped with a slide on cuff that supports shelves for books. A series of slender floor lamps surround the living room layout to provide focussed task lighting.

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The TV wall is a ceiling mounted volume clad in black marble. The half wall floats above a modern fireplace hearth, where open flame leaps up into the gap between.

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A set of nesting coffee tables serve the longest of the two sofas. A couple of area rugs, in subtly different shades, overlap on the floor to pull the large living room layout together.

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One small side table stands nearby the smaller of the two couches, next to the hearth of the open flame fireplace. Black scatter cushions match with the occasional tables.

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The outermost walls of the room are clad in walnut panelling, which creates a warm and smooth looking skin around the entire home interior. Perimeter lighting highlights the attractive grain.

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The floor treatment changes from wood plank to grey tile as it transitions away from the main living room area. Stripes of adjustable track lighting run the length of the ceiling space.

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The ceiling mounted tv wall is double sided to serve the dining room end also, and of course, the sophisticated fireplace can be enjoyed from every aspect of the room through its open sides. At the end of the floating TV volume, recessed shelving holds a neat collection of books and nicknacks.

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Opposite the dining room stands a kitchen with breakfast bar.

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The luxury dining room seats ten for dinner. Panoramic windows bring natural light flooding into the spacious apartment; taupe curtains hang at the glass to keep things cosy at night.

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Indoor plants soften the edges of the interior design, and bring in some much needed natural greenery in lack of a real garden view. A tinted glass balcony balustrade obscures a cityscape beyond.

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The super modern dining set has been teamed with an equally contemporary lighting installation.

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A series of unique kitchen pendant lights hang at various lengths over the kitchen breakfast bar to create an interesting undulating effect. Four kitchen bar stools line up along the marble clad peninsula, awaiting the chef’s creation. The kitchen cabinets behind the counter are finished in the same walnut effect as the interior walls of the apartment, so that it flows seamlessly. Even the kitchen ceiling has been covered to match the wood panelling. Tall wine storage racks are left on display though, with two of them peeping through tinted glass doors.

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In the master bedroom, the wood clad walls continue. Cylindrical bedside units flank each side of the fabric covered double bed. A slimline gold pendant lights one unit, whilst the eye-catching bedside table lamp on the other is the Snoopy table lamp.

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Large tropical plants dress the airy room, their luscious green leaves contrasting freshly with the rich dark brown decor.

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A pale rectangular rug covers the floor beneath the bed, whilst a circular rug marks out a modest sitting area by the windows. Two tan accent chairs meet at a marble and gold coffee table, accompanied by a very tall floor lamp.

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An open doorway leads into a walk-in closet/dressing room with a generous amount of space and storage. An upholstered bench seat occupies the centre of the space.

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On the opposite side, a makeup table and vanity chair are poised in front of a custom cut mirror.

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The dressing room is divided into two domains, one for each homeowner. Rectangular lighting tracks mark each ceiling space.

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Dark marble and white tile decorate the luxury bathroom. Another custom made mirror stretches the full length of a long bathroom wall above a double sink vanity unit. Wall mounted storage units stow away the clutter, whilst leaving the floor looking clear, clean and spacious. The orb lights above the vanity unit design are the IC Lights S Style Pendant. The original is available here.

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On the opposite side of the bathroom you’ll find the shower, which is backed in black marble and a shallow shelf to hold shampoos and soap dispensers. A rainfall showerhead pours onto a wetroom floor, which is left open to the rest of the room. The tinted glass enclosure you see here has been built to keep the toilet and a matching wall hung bidet separate from the main space; it is accessed by an almost undetectable door at its centre.

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A freestanding bathtub stands by the window. A heater towers up an adjacent wall, and a small metallic side table stands by to hold bath time potions – or a nice glass of wine to sip.

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Beside the head of the bath, a rail descends all the way from the ceiling to hold a dry towel exactly where it is needed.

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